Active Future Programme – Week 3 – Resistance Training, Hydration & Thought Awareness.

Posted October 28, 2016

Extract from shaneodonnellblog

This week marked week 3 of the Active Future Programme where we welcomed 2 new participants. Participant numbers are now up to 22 which is more than initially expected!

Physical Health Input

The topic of conversation this week was hydration – how much, how often, and how to know if you are dehydrated. Our body needs water for many different functions such as maintaining temperature, removing waste and lubricating the joints, so it is important to know if you are dehydrated. You can do this by looking at the colour of your urine.

Physical Activity Input

This week the Sports Science students delivered a session on resistance training. They explained that last week’s focus was more on increasing fitness levels whereas this week’s session was to focus on strength. The participants were then given the task to design and balanced resistance training circuit (including upper and lower body exercises) without the use of any equipment.

Michael Byrne of the Tullow School Completion Programme did an excellent job exploring thoughts and how to move away from unhelpful thoughts. He explained that our thoughts can be categorised into 3 areas – factual thoughts, helpful thoughts and unhelpful thoughts. Factual thoughts are evidence based thoughts that are proven to be the case; helpful thoughts move us forward towards our goals, they help us or others; unhelpful thoughts tend to stop us from doing things, and hurt us or others. The students were given the task to take note of their thoughts over the next week and categorise them as they come into their head. If we can change or thoughts as they come into our head we can move away from unhelpful thoughts towards helpful ones.

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