Latin America is already on the MOVE

Posted March 07, 2016

The Youth on the MOVE offline training for Latin America took place at the Sesc Bertioga facilities during the 17-21 of February. 30 participants coming from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Peru and Uruguay, gathered together with specialists and trainers to kick off the program that will developed in the upcoming months with an online learning platform shared with the 30 more participants from European countries.

Together with trainers from Sesc Brazil, Eduardo Uhle, Gustavo Maia, Pedro Bellini Emmanoelli and Tatiana Camargo, developed the introductory sessions of the program, as well as workshops on project management, cultural activities and the Semana Muevela (Latin America MOVE Week) concept. From Europe, trainers Jakub Kalinowski (V4Sport – Poland), Toni Llop (UBAE – Spain), and Saska Benedcic Tomat (ISCA – Denmark/Slovenia), presented sessions oriented to the concept of Sport for All, Sustainable Activation and the introduction to the online platform in which the training will take place.

While in Europe the program starts with the online training and will end up with the offline meeting in Barcelona during June, in Latin America the process is the other way around. Benefits and challenges are presented for each approach, but for the participants in Latin America the experience of meeting as the first move paid off. It helped to develop one of the most important objectives of the trainers and specialists: to engage and commit the participants for the next phases of the training.

Together with this, participants were able to start networking and knowing other young, motivated professionals working on similar fields with which they were able to share and exchange ideas and future projects. Distances in Latin America are different than in Europe, and the diversity of cultures and opportunities presents a challenge for the youth to overcome. The Youth on the MOVE program tackled this issue by giving the opportunities for many to travel abroad for a first time, to meet, present and exchange; an opportunity to learn.

The offline training closed up with positives outcomes also for the organizers who were able to accomplish their main expectations. From providing an useful place were the variety of activities could take place, to clear out doubts about and details about the Youth on the MOVE training, it was possible to create a proximity with the participants, to facilitate the integration between them and to cover the whole agenda while learning and having fun by being active.

The participants are now back in their home countries and ready to start the online training. Starting with the “Proactivity” topic, is time to study and to follow the programs on their own, but knowing that they have a safety net within their continent and across the ocean as well.